Managed Accounts Solutions

Caledon tailors solutions to meet the specific needs of its clients, recognizing that a standard “one-size-fits-all” approach provided by traditional solutions is not appropriate for all investors.

This approach includes the design and implementation of new programs (e.g. strategy, guidelines, benchmarks), as well as transaction sourcing, evaluation, execution and monitoring and reporting. Caledon manages a number of customized relationships that combine funds and co-investments in a manner specifically suited to the client.

To do so, we are empowered as a fiduciary to create comprehensive investment programs for the client’s infrastructure or private equity allocation. Alternatively, we can create narrow strategies that can include specific sector build-outs such as distressed private equity or value-add infrastructure.

Our Services

Program Design: Establish or enhance investment strategies, guidelines, objectives and benchmarks
Selecting Investments: Source high quality funds, secondaries, minority direct investments and co-investments
Due Diligence: Complete comprehensive investment diligence utilizing industry best practices
Closing Investments: Negotiate, structure and complete fund and direct investments
Asset Management: Monitoring and managing investments, and interact with investment partners
Portfolio Reporting: Provide client specific quarterly reporting

Advisory Solutions

Caledon works with our client’s investment staff to provide strategic planning, implementation options, monitoring and administration for their private market portfolio. Our clients have the final decision making authority but we provide services enabling more confident decisions.

Our Services

Strategy & Planning: Establish detailed private markets program guidelines, strategy and implementation plans
Implementation: Proactively source high-quality funds (primary & secondary) and co-investment and direct investment opportunities

Perform comprehensive due diligence, analysis, structure, negotiation and close investments

Help select and manage legal counsel and advise on establishment of appropriate tax structures

Monitoring: Interact with investment partners and attend annual and limited partner advisory meetings

Prepare comprehensive quarterly and annual reports

Administration: Complete back-office support including overseeing capital calls and distributions, and working with client custodians

Conduct year-end valuation process with client’s internal accounting staff and external auditor

Education & Research Solutions

Given the complexity of investing in infrastructure and private equity, Caledon works with its clients to provide a better understanding of various aspects of the investment analysis. Utilizing the years of experience working with large Canadian pension plans, the team provides education presentations and materials to investment committees and trustees to assist them in becoming better informed on the details and issues of private markets, to help facilitate prudent investment decision-making.

Our Services

Research Reports:

Detailed analysis of specific investment related themes such as P3s (public private partnerships), open-end funds or distressed debt opportunities in private equity
Educational Overviews: Higher level introductory presentations on topics such as the risks and opportunities of infrastructure
White Papers: Authoritative reports or guides that inform readers about a complex investment related issue