Real Asset Disruption: How Infrastructure and Real Estate Investments are Being Transformed in the Digital World

Toronto, June 2018

CBRE Caledon and Deloitte recently hosted an industry forum to provide insight into the opportunities and challenges facing infrastructure and real estate investments in an increasingly digital world. Key insights are featured in this report:

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VIP Infrastructure

June 12, 2017

Stephen Dowd will be part of a panel discussing the “Evolution of Infrastructure.”

Canadian Investment Institute

November 19, 2017

Stephen Dowd presented on “The role of PPP’s in an Infrastructure Portfolio.”

2017 Institutional Investing in Infrastructure (i3)

May 24, 2017
Stephen Dowd moderated a panel called “What’s on infrastructure investor’s minds?”. Caledon Capital also sponsored the conference.

CAIP East (Canadian Alternative Investments in Pensions)

April 26, 2017

Caledon Capital team members spoke about “The Next Frontier in Private Equity – More Return with Less Risk?” and “Overcoming Barriers to Better Access Infrastructure Investments for Long Term Growth”. Caledon was also a sponsor at the conference.

The Next Wave of Infrastructure Investment Opportunities

Toronto, March 2017

Caledon Capital and Deloitte recently hosted 85 people at an industry forum to discuss trends in the infrastructure investment market. Insights on where investors will find the best opportunities are captured in this report.

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SuperReturn U.S. West 2017 Conference

February 6, 2017

Martin Day moderated a panel entitled “A Complete Guide to Structuring the Co-investment Deal”. SuperReturn U.S. West is part of the SuperReturn Series of leading global LP/GP relations events in private equity and venture capital with over 150 speakers and 100 LPs in attendance.

SuperInvestor Amsterdam 2016

November 15, 2016

Martin Day moderated a panel on “What makes the Perfect Co-Investment Partner?”. SuperInvestor is the world’s largest global private equity conference focused on GP/LP relations, drawing over 400 GPs, 30 LPs, and in excess of 1000 attendees.

Canadian Private Equity Summit 2016

November 9, 2016

Martin Day spoke about “Co-Investments and Going Direct”. The Annual Canadian Private Equity Summit is designed to address the most pressing issues facing Canadian LPs, such as the current low yield and dry powder rich environment, a weakened Canadian dollar, closing down funds and discovering new investment opportunities.

SuperReturn Infrastructure 2016

September 21, 2016

Martin Day moderated a panel on “Infrastructure Investment Models: Why are Investors Gravitating to Direct and Co-Investment Models Whenever Possible?”. SuperReturn Infrastructure is part of the SuperReturn Series of leading global private equity events.